Millie’s Story

I’m Millie’s Dad, Darren, and I’ll start at the beginning,
Millie had been off colour for a while with little energy, she would often be found asleep in some very uncomfortable positions. Debs being a ‘worry-mummy’ took Millie to our GP who diagnosed “Canvey Flu” and sent her home. A few weeks later Millie had developed what looked like dark purple spots on her body and tongue, she has also started limping and her body was covered in bruises. I put the limp and bruises down to her sister Summer and had no idea what was coming our way. Debs once again took Millie to see our GP who this time told Debbie to take Millie to Southend hospital to get the spots checked out. Debbie phoned me at work and told me she had to take Millie to Southend hospital. I honestly thought she was just being a paranoid mum but I left work and made my way to the hospital. Southend did blood tests and two doctors came to talk to us.

Millie carLast year on May the 1st the world as we knew it fell apart at Southend hospital when we were told the news no parent would ever want to hear, “your daughter has Leukaemia”. Millie was 21 months old. What did this mean for our little princess? How serious was it? Would she survive? I can remember sitting and holding on to Deborah whilst Millie sat in her hospital bed completely unaware of what was happening and both of us crying like babies.