Final chance for runners to join our KGF Outlaw Triathlon relay teams!
We are just a few runners short of completing our teams for this epic race on 24th July.
SO...If you know someone who could be 26.2 ready in about 5 weeks time, and wants to be part of an amazing team raising money for a great cause at an iconic race, send them our way!

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We are a Nottingham based charity. Founded in 2012 our purpose is to raise funds to provide excellent quality holiday accommodation for families of those suffering the effects of leukaemia and other related diseases.

If you or a member of your family has leukaemia or cancer then a week away in our caravan on the east coast might be just what you need for some respite.

Fundraising Events

All our fundraising activities are directed towards improving, in some small way, families’ experiences in extremely challenging times.

Visit our Facebook page to read about our previous fundraising events and the stories of our amazing fundraisers.

Our Partners